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wader Hangers


The clever way to store waders

The Scissor Hanger

These simple but effective hangers are a pair of aluminium scissor type jaws which grip the cleat of the wader and hang from individual chrome plated chains. The chains are fitted with a nickel plated lanyard clip and swivel.

This is a significant improvement in design to wader hangers which you may have seen in the past because this offers the user the choice of:

  • hanging the chain on a hook / nail
  • ‘breaking’ the chain so that it can be fitted over a fixed pole or beam, and the swivel of the lanyard clip prevents the chain from becoming twisted.

The Spring Hanger

This 'all in one' hanger has a pair of chrome plated spring clips which grip the cleat of the waders and hang together as a single unit from a central curved hook similar to a coat hanger.